Should I use salted or unsalted butter if the recipe doesn't specify?


lallimusic November 28, 2010
You should use unsalted, but If you only have salted, subtract 1/4 tsp salt from the recipe or it will be too salty
phyllis November 26, 2010
Sweet (unsalted) always unless recipe specifically asks for salted. You can always add salt.
Soozll November 26, 2010
You can use either in baking. Lately, I'm finding I like baking with salted butter better. It only adds a negledgeble amount of salt. Recipes from older cookbooks where the type of butter isn't specified or they give you a choice of butter or margarine, used salted butter because margarine has salt, so the recipe has taken the salt in it into consideration.
mrslarkin November 26, 2010
unsalted, if you have it on hand.
cheater C. November 26, 2010
Use what you have around.
drbabs November 26, 2010
Jon P. November 26, 2010
I don't remember the last time I bought salted butter. I use unsalted for everything so that I have control over the salt content.
nutcakes November 26, 2010
Unsalted for Baking, otherwise I usually use salted because that's what I have more often.
aargersi November 26, 2010
Unsalted for sure! You can always add salt, can't take it back out though ...
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