Do you think they will freeze? I made these for friends a few weeks ago and they were a hit ( reheated fine). The couple is in their 80's and the...

...wife/cook is laid up for a few weeks. I thought I would make a batch ot these for them, which would probably last them several meals. I will deliver them fresh but can I suggest they can freeze some for a later meal?

Recipe question for: Okonomiyaki


caninechef June 29, 2017
It is hard to beat freshly made but not possible in this situation. I made them once for lunch with this couple and reheated. I did not notice much difference. On the subject of soggy vegetables, when I made them specifically to be reheated I sautéed the cabbage as I thought it would reduce moisture and make them hold better for reheating. I don't know if it made a difference but I think I will continue with that practice. Thanks "dinner at ten" for sharing your experience.
Greenstuff June 28, 2017
In Japan, part of the pleasure of okonomiyaki is that it is freshly made right at your table. Frozen and reheated okonomiyaki would seem tired in comparison. But it might be good (or good enough!) anyway. If you give it a try, I hope you'll report back.
dinner A. June 28, 2017
Yes, I think they will freeze very well. I've had excellent results freezing and then reheating (in my toaster oven) all kinds of pancakes and vegetable fritters.
ChefJune June 28, 2017
Glad to know that. I know pancakes freeze very well, but I might have feared the veggies in the Okonomiyaki would get soggy.
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