Any tips/pointers/menus for cooking a thai lunch for approx. 30 people. All to be made in advance and transported to a venue. Thanks in advance!



scruz July 11, 2017
does it need to be thai? if not, there is a terrific vietnamese dish, bun, which is a rice noodle bowl. it can be made with shredded lettuce and carrots and cucumbers, herbs, and cold pre made shrimp or veggie rice paper wraps, sliced grilled chicken or pork and the dressing on the side. very refreshing dish for a summer's day. all could be assembled at last minute.
Dani L. July 10, 2017
Having done a lot of catering in the past, I would definitely do a soup and fresh spring rolls. Soups are so easy for big crowds and the springs rolls you can count to be sure you have enough. Maybe have some fresh noodles or rice on the side to add into your soup and be sure to have creative toppings for the soup. Something to add acidity (lime) something to add crunch (peanuts) something to add color and flavor (thai basil) and maybe even some ribboned carrots or bean sprouts. Another good idea would be either a fresh green salad with a thai inspired vinigrette, or a cold noodle salad. Good luck, sounds like its going to be great!
PHIL July 10, 2017
Try this contest winner as an option:
Nancy July 10, 2017
Search here (hotline) using key words like "cooking for a crowd" "lunch menu" "dinner menu" for ideas.
Use one or more of articles on cooking for a crowd of 25-30 in this search:
Consider hiring at least one staff member or conscripting a friend to help...likely too much for one person to do.
Get tested Thai recipes from sites you know (here, BBC, allrecipes, saveur, epicurious, Thai specialty ones).
Balance the known (majority) with the exotic (one or two dishes, maximum).
Nancy July 12, 2017
Here are two links with recipes (multiply quantities as needed).
From this site, about 700 Thai recipes, with most popular first
From Huffington Post, 8 popular dishes from Thai restaurants and cookbooks, which they say can be made with easily available ingredients.
MMH July 9, 2017
I am not an extremely experienced Thai cook but I'm thinking soup and salad with fresh spring rolls would be good. Tom Yung Gai is very easy to make and I've made it and served it 2 hours later. Don't tell but when I did I bought the spring rolls. They were my salad and no one knew. You can make or purchase the dipping sauce. A good Thai salad is also the grilled beef or seafood in a lime and cilantro dressing. You could hold the proteins, dressing and greens separate until you get to the venue.
MMH July 9, 2017
Sorry for the auto correct - tum yum gai
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