Temp of pan on stovetop

If a pan is described as being ok heated to 400 degrees on stovetop, how does one know when that temp is reached?



Saffron3 July 17, 2017
Hi there. After these answers, I went out onto other sites, and as Nancy suggests, pans get to be about 350 to 400. If the pan for sale says a top limit of 400, I am not sure the pan is safe unless used at a lower heat for a shorter time, given one can cook a hot sauté fine but endanger the pan. I never thought of this given I tend towards stainless, but wanted this one pan so had to investigate. Thanks.
Nancy July 16, 2017
Interesting question.
To start, here are some answers I found at a site which works like the food52 hotline...members submit answers and others rate them.
Short answer: most stovetop pans will eventually rise to about 380 to 400F.
IF thermometer will help you calibrate your own stovetop, if you need to be precise.
Nancy July 16, 2017
Auto incorrect struck again.
Should be IR (infrared) thermometer.
pierino July 16, 2017
You can get a laser gun to tell you that. But that's an expensive solution. Try this; add a teaspoon of water to the pan it should begin to boil off immediately.
Nancy July 16, 2017
Pierino... yes, of course.
HalfPint July 19, 2017
@pierino, I got an infrared temperature gun for ~$20 on Groupon (of all places).
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