I need to ship chocolate and chocolate covered items, do I need to add anything to the chocolate to keep it from all sticking together? How would I go about naturally preserving chocolate and how can I guarantee that they won't melt during shipping? Is there a safe way to ship chocolate? Sorry, I know that's a zillion questions, if anyone has tips please let me know!



TheFriendlyFoodieGirl February 17, 2011
Hi ChezSuzanne, I didn't know that UPS could provide ice packs! I'll have to check that out! Thanks! =)
TheWimpyVegetarian February 17, 2011
I would go with the ice packs to be safe. I've never had a problem with this avenue. UPS can often provide the ice packs when you tell them what you're shipping, but they're pretty readily available.
TheFriendlyFoodieGirl February 17, 2011
Thanks mrslarkin, I will do that! Mmm..a box of fondue, messy, but delicious ..hahaha (I like the way you think)!!
mrslarkin February 17, 2011
Also, check the climate of your destination. If necessary, you might want to include some ice packs in your box. You don't want your recipient opening a box of fondue. Wait a sec, that sounds yummy too. ;)
TheFriendlyFoodieGirl February 17, 2011
Sadassa_Ulna- That is extremely helpful! Thank you =)
TheFriendlyFoodieGirl February 17, 2011
Thank you Amanda! (I'm not sure why I didn't think of that..hehehe)
Sadassa_Ulna February 17, 2011
Which company are you using to ship? Will the recipient most likely be home? The post office will ask you if there is "anything liquid, fragile, or perishable" in your package, and then put a sticker on it that says so; DEFINITELY use Priority mail if going the postal service route, and get a confirmation of delivery (for tracking purposes). It is possible that the package could be left at the destination unattended so I would make a clear message on the box that says something to the effect of "DO NOT LEAVE THIS PACKAGE IN HIGH TEMPERATURES OR SUNLIGHT." If you are shipping UPS you can have a message written that says something like "do NOT leave package unattended - PERISHABLE" or "do NOT leave package if recipient is not home" - UPS will try three times if nobody is home. I recommend UPS over Postal Service and it is just a tad more expensive. Last, I would put the chocolate items in one box (separated with parchment or wax paper), then wrap that in a couple layers of bubble wrap - more for the temperature insulation properties than crush resistance - then put that in another box. Good luck!
Antoinette N. March 7, 2021
OMG I been searching everywhere for this info. This is GREAT😍 do you put the ice packs on too of the bubble wrap?
Amanda H. February 17, 2011
I recommend separating the chocolate with parchment -- then you should be ok.
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