Can I mix semi-sweet bakers chocolate with candy melts?

I'm trying to make chocolate covered cheesecake bites, and I thought I had enough bakers chocolate (I don't) but I do have a lot of candy melts. Can I mix the two? Or are they too different to mix?



janeofmanytrade June 3, 2015
they will mix just fine but you should keep in mind that candy melts are not truly chocolate. They are made with a palm kernel fat that is more stable than cocoa butter and has a higher melting point so that they do not require tempering and will hold better in higher temperatures such as a hot summer day. While this may not sound bad, the candy melts available are not all equal and some taste exactly like what they are; poor quality substitutes for real chocolate.
boulangere June 3, 2015
Kristina, I'd suggest just using the candy melts. They're also known as coating chocolate. They aren't as good flavor-wise as baker's chocolate because they contain no cocoa butter, but rather palm oil, which has the advantage of setting up rapidly, and most important, it remains solid at room temperature. Better chocolates contain cocoa butter, which once melted needs to be and remain refrigerated in order to set. Your cheesecake bites sound delicious.
Susan W. June 3, 2015
Are candy melts those flat discs of melting chocolate? I've never used them, but I can't think of a reason you couldn't. They are both made to melt.
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