convert cake recipes for an 8x8 3 inch tall pan from an 8x8 2 inch tall pan

I have a customer that wants an 8 inch square cake but I wanted to make it taller so am thinking about going to a 3 inch tall pan from the usual 2 inch recipes call for. How much do I increase the batter for this?

Amy Palmer


Sara B. July 20, 2017
This is what I use and it covers many situations.
PieceOfLayerCake July 20, 2017
To take my batters from regular homestyle cakes to taller bakery cakes I just multiplied most of my recipes by 1.5. All of my recipes are metric so it was easy. Tweaking my cake recipes took a bit of experimentation, and in the beginning I ended up with a bit of extra batter, but it was necessary. Sometimes I'll increase the batter and wind up with an awkward amount, so instead of over filling the pan, I'll just bake it in two equal portions....if that makes sense.
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