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Sorghum cake

The recipe calls for a square pan, but I use a round cake pan. Every time, my cake complete deflates in the middle and looks like a swimming pool. Why would that be? Would the square pan really make a difference?

asked by Collins-Gannon over 4 years ago
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added over 4 years ago

First, the area (number of square inches or mm) should be close in the 2 pans.
But there are many other factors that influence baking. Is your oven temperature accurate? It's helpful to use a thermometer to check, as many ovens are not calibrated correctly.
Is the recipe from a good source? Are you following it or making critical changes? Baking is chemistry -- if you change something, you will not get the same results.
Can you provide more detail?

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added over 4 years ago

The simple answer? Yes, a square pan makes a difference. The reasons are many. Baking is slightly more scientific than say cooking a burger. Please provide a few more details (pan size) , If you're above or below sea level (for those of you who don't think this matters, think again), and I'm sure we'll be able to resolve the issue