What can I make in a short amount of time using chicken breasts, yams, and dried cranberries?

  • Posted by: hans
  • July 21, 2017


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BerryBaby July 21, 2017
A foil wrapped dinner. I have a recipe under my profile that you can adapt using these ingredients. Quick, easy, and cleanup is a breeze! Plus get as creative as you'd like with herbs and butter.
Beth July 21, 2017

Sub the squash for the yams, chicken for turkey. Could work!
Nancy July 21, 2017
Another Chopped, at-home competition?
hans July 21, 2017
Yes. :P I have an idea for the chicken and cranberries... I am going to cook the chicken in a pan and then create a sauce using the cranberries and deglaze it with some wine or something else... I just have no clue as what to do with the yams... I also need something else on my plate too besides yam, chicken, and cranberry sauce. :P
Nancy July 21, 2017
I would go in another direction.
I think a nice herbed roasted chicken could stand on its own.
For the yam and cranberries, make them into a salad using a combination of baby greens, some bitter ones (like watercress), discs or wedges of roasted yam, a vinaigrette and the cranberries as garnish. If you have some, add a few walnuts or pecans. The combination of fresh, sweet carb, sweet fruit, toasted nuts will be lovely.
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