Slow cooked chicken

I have put a 1.6kg chicken in slowcooker on high at 1:30 I will take it out and put in 200 degree oven for half an hour at 5:30 will it be cooked at 6?

  • Posted by: BethAny
  • July 22, 2017


BethAny July 23, 2017
Chicken was perfectly cooked :) cooking it at 200 degrees fan forced to crisp it up has always been the perfect temperature for me that's why I stick to it. It works perfect :)
Angie July 22, 2017
If you want the chicken to have a crispy skin you would likely want to finish it at a much higher temperature. Use a thermometer to know whether the inside is as cooked as it should be.
MMH July 22, 2017
Yes for that very reason, why are you moving the chicken to the oven at a low temp?
702551 July 23, 2017
Original poster described the chicken in kilograms, so I'm guessing the temperature is 200 degrees Celsius = 392 degrees Fahrenheit.

That's amply hot to crisp up the skin.
Angie July 23, 2017
Ah that makes more sense. Thanks :)

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BerryBaby July 22, 2017
The only true way to know is using a meat thermometer.
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