Cooking 12 pound brisket xtra slow at 200 (a la smoker style). Oven shut off overnight! Can I continue to cook or is meat rested and ruined?

When I woke up this morning I realized the oven had turned off automatically after 12 hours, leaving the meat sitting in a cooling oven. The internal temp of the meat at that point was at 123. I need it to be about 195-200. I turned the oven back on to 200 when I realized what happened, but I'm wondering if the cooling period will have ruined my brisket.

Jeffrey A


Cheryl R. September 19, 2017
Jeffrey, do not fret! Your brisket is fine. Continue cooking immediately to your desired level of "doneness".
Jamil G. September 19, 2017
No, dry, dry, airless
Jeffrey A. September 19, 2017
While I appreciate your reply, I really don't understand what you're saying. Is the brisket ruined? OR is it okay to keep cooking to temp?
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