Storing Black Summer Truffles

I bought a jar of whole black summer truffles (tube aestivum) packed in water with salt to use in a recipe but it only calls for one truffle and the jar contains about 5. Will the left over truffles keep in the jar inside the refridgerator and if so how long? Or should I freeze the remainder (or give them to friends?!)?



justpicked July 24, 2012
Thanks all -- I'll plan a truffle feast for later this week!
TruffleHunter July 23, 2012
In my experience these whole truffles are not a very good flavoured product. I would eat them in one dinner session, altho they should keep in the fridge in their original jar for up to 2 weeks. These have been cooked at high temperatures to sterilise, you must not try and store them in oil as this can create a clostidium risk which can be severely dangerous. Next time try a jar of minced truffles or save up and buy fresh.
pierino July 22, 2012
I will politely disagree with my friend bigpan here. Once you open the jar they are goners really fast. Summer truffles are not that great to begin with so once you open the jar use them lavishly. They have nothing close to the flavor of truffles which arrive in the autumn months.
bigpan July 22, 2012
Not knowing the condition of the remaining truffles, I would drain and restore covered with olive oil and keep in the fridge.
Use the olive oil for salads and continue to top up.
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