Has anyone ever made tonic water at home? Spring is just around the corner- and I'm ready to start making Gin and Tonics, but I am sick of my tonic al

I have a seltzer maker, so carbonation isn't a problem. But what is it that makes tonic water tonic water so good?



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Q J. February 21, 2011
Yes; I started Q Tonic because the factory tonic waters were so mediocre and syrupy sweet. Long story short, I started by making a syrup. But eventually the bubbles I could make using my own seltzer maker drove me nuts. They were too big and not crisp enough. So I found a small soda plant to make my tonic water at and then all of sudden a bunch of bars and restaurants in NYC started asking to buy it. But my advice for the syrup/seltzer maker option would be to make the water you carbonate as cold as possible before you add C02. On our line we get down to 35 degrees and that really helps with the bubbles. You also should filter the syrup down so the precipitate are as small as possible. Small particles really mess with the carbonation.... Take a look at our facebook page for all the funny/fancy lab work...


Jordan from Q Tonic.
rebeccatheduck February 21, 2011
Hey thanks everybody! I'm gonna try it soon!
RobertaJ February 21, 2011
@innoabrd, well, all *I* can say is that *I'VE* never had a case of malaria !! ;-p
BronaCos February 21, 2011
Love G&T's - always had a hard time finding good tonic until Q arrived - great taste, well worth the extra pennies #Q
innoabrd February 20, 2011
And just remember, folks, quinine is no longer reliable protection against malaria...G&Ts are not a substitute for proper malaria prophylaxis, though they couldn't hurt!
sabina February 20, 2011
Here is a posting for making your own, it is not plain, but you could tinker around and get it to your own liking. If you don't want to use the recommended agave--a 1:1 simple syrup could be substituted. Powdered cinchona bark is the quinine source. http://www.jeffreymorgenthaler.com/2008/how-to-make-your-own-tonic-water/
pierino February 20, 2011
Yes, it's quinine. I often drink tonic water straight because quinine also acts as an anti-inflammatory agent and I've had chronic knee trouble for awhile. Works for me.
Jake February 20, 2011
quinine provides flavor, which I don't think is readily available at the supermarket. Oh, and sugar.
Amanda H. February 20, 2011
Q Tonic was started by a guy who wanted to answer the same question. Here's his site: http://bit.ly/fYRifp
courtneyjaggers February 20, 2011
$1.29 at wal-mart
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