Pickled peppers!

I am looking for a stellar pickled pepper recipe. Maybe something with cider vinegar? Maybe with corn? Does anyone have vetted recipe?

  • Posted by: KaleHog
  • June 21, 2011


Rick F. June 24, 2011
Here's one that works well for me.

Pickled Red Bell Peppers

Makes 18 16-oz pints (1.5 cases)


11325 g red peppers
2745 g white vinegar (5% acidity)
1370 g pepper liquid
226 g peeled ginger sliced into thin medallions
206 g peeled and minced garlic
78 g sugar
50 g kosher salt


1. Clean and prepare fresh ingredients as necessary.

2. In a 450-degree oven, roast the peppers until they are substantially blackened, turning once. Some peppers may burst, and if they do, drain the liquid from inside the peppers into a colander placed in a large pot. Return the peppers to the oven to finish roasting.

3. When the peppers are fully roasted, place them in a pot with an internal colander and put a lid on the pot to retain the heat. Let peppers cool.

4. Remove the skins of the ginger and garlic, and mince them. Reserve.

5. When the peppers have cooled, remove their blackened skins and seeds over a container, making sure the any pepper liquid falls in the container, Place cleaned pepper filets in the container. Make sure the container has an internal colander to allow the pepper liquid to drain to the bottom.

6. Remove the colander and take the pepper liquid out of the bottom of the pot and mix with it with the vinegar, sugar and salt. Bring the brine to a boil and then let simmer.

7. Mix the cleaned peppers well with the minced garlic and the ginger medallions. Place 280 g/ 10 oz of the pepper mixture in each jar.

8. Bring brine back to a boil and let cool to 190 degrees. Pour brine into jars to fill line.

9. Put lids on jars, tightening them without over tightening. Within 10 minutes of brine fill, process in a boiling water bath for 10 minutes. Start timing when water boils. Make sure water covers containers completely at all times. Remove from the boiling water bath promptly.

10. Separate jars on a rack to air cool.

NOTE: 11325 g fresh red bell peppers (25 lbs.) yields 5481 g (12.1 lbs) roasted, peeled, seeded red peppers, juice drained off and reserved.

NOTE: if roasted peppers naturally yield a slightly lesser quantity of liquid, make up the difference with water. If the peppers yield extra liquid, freeze for future use.
NOTE: solids must be 315 g or below before adding brine.

Helen's A. June 21, 2011
Every summer I always make some pickled jalapenos using Diana Kennedy's recipe. They're wonderful!
Here's a nice adaptation of the recipe: http://simplyrecipes.com/recipes/pickled_jalapenos_escabeche/
I would omit the cauliflower, though...
SKK June 21, 2011
What kind of peppers are you planning on using?
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