nacho cheese sauce recipe?

I am going to have a nacho and margarita night with my bf...and I want to make a legit cheese sauce....I was thinking I would make it like you would make macaroni and cheese, cheese using b├ęchamel as a base...I didn't really find any recipe online I thought sounded all that great...any suggestions?



Summer O. February 23, 2011
I'm with nutcakes. I have lived in Texas and the block of Velveeta with a can of Rotel in a crock pot is standard fare. It may sound low brow but it's delicious.
susan G. February 22, 2011
The Homesick Texan blog deals with the extensively! Her post includes a recipe.
RespectThePastry February 22, 2011
note i did say white cheddar...i dont care if it looks like nacho cheese from a and i just all of a sudden got an idea....a riff on some sort of cheese fondue! duh!
betteirene February 22, 2011
It's hard to make nacho sauce with bechamel and a vibrant cheese like cheddar, especially if you want to keep that gold-yellow-orange color, and double especially if you don't want it to become sliceable once it cools down by a mere 10-20 degrees. It firms up pretty quickly. Too, it's difficult to get rid of that velvety flour texture in looks and on your palate.

Place 1/4 cup milk in a small non-stick saucepan or skillet. Add a tablespoon of juice from a jar of jalapenos. Slip in 4 slices of real American cheese (not the slices that are individually wrapped in plastic). Stir constanly until the cheese melts, adding more cheese a slice at a time until the mixture is a little thinner than you want it to be. Pour into heated ramekins or over tortilla chips and serve immediately.

You could also use Velveeta.

(Look into my eyes. . .you're getting sleepy. . .very sleepy. . .after you read this sentence, you will awaken and will not remember that I used the "V" word on this site.)
RespectThePastry February 22, 2011
omg i am so not against velveeta and the like...i just have this picture of like a super sharp white cheddar dip in my head, but i dunno....the rick bayless recipe sound like a good idea though. ty!
nutcakes February 22, 2011
Ha, you are talking to someone who made the Velveeta and Rotele Dip at father's request on Superbowl Sunday and enjoyed with my beer. I think there is something hard to duplicate about the smoothness that Velveeta gives--haven't used in ages otherwise, though. I do occasionally buy a purchased nacho dip from a market that puts bits of black beans, corn and green chiles in theirs. They say they don't use precessed products but the dip is too smooth.

I'm sure what you are proposing will work but it doesn't sound very good to me. I say go junk food or go authentico and make a queso fundito. Maybe this Rick Bayless one since you will have the tequila on hand.
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