What would you do with the leftover chicken? (There's not much sauce.) Please, not tacos, or anything with paprika, chilis or chili peppers or a...

...ny bell or similar peppers. I'm looking for ideas for dinner tomorrow evening. Thanks! ;o

Hot Tub Chicken
Recipe question for: Hot Tub Chicken


AntoniaJames February 24, 2011
Stockout, that sounds so good!! I actually put in the freezer this morning the leftover dark meat, with the sauce and a touch of stock to make sure everything was well coated (following the procedure recommended in a great book called "Fresh From the Freezer"). Your suggestion sounds like the perfect application when I take the leftovers out to use them. I know, however, that I'll be making this again . . . and again! Did you see that I shared this recipe via Facebook? It's so delicious! I was thinking last night that you could also make this with the preserved lemons I put up every winter for use during the four or five months when my tree isn't bearing. ;o)
Stockout February 24, 2011
Sorry about not getting back to you sooner but I am entertaining a few Swedes that are visiting. Talk about buying out the Apple Store....
I know it is probably too late for a reply but I would make a fried noodle or rice cake, stir fry the leftover chicken with some pea pods or savoy cabbage, maybe a little baby bok choy and a good orange ginger sauce and some soy.
healthierkitchen February 24, 2011
feel better!
AntoniaJames February 24, 2011
Thanks so much! Great ideas. I ended up making mulligutawny . . . something I made regularly when Mr. T and I were first married, way, way, way back when, and which I made for my sons frequently when they were little. I'm sick with a head cold, so chicken soup was in order. The coconut/lime idea appealed, but I didn't have any Thai basil, so I went with the more Indian /less Thai version. And I served it with an amazing French baguette (barley, rye, pumpernickel, wheat germ in small but perceptible quantities) that enjoyed three pleasantly slow rises today. I tested the Orange and Quinoa salad for an EP review on Sunday, so we've been eating that for lunch the past few days. I do think though that it would be fantastic with bits of that chicken breast (which was so moist and flavorful!!) in it. Thanks again. ;o)
healthierkitchen February 23, 2011
A rice dish or even quinoa or bulgur with bits of the chicken shredded in and whatever sauce is left - just add a bit more lemon and olive oil if needed. Add in some steamed or roasted broccoli or roasted cut up eggplant. Maybe top with something cruncy like cashews or fried shallots?
aargersi February 23, 2011
Could you make a sort of coconut curry soup with limes and veggies and serve it with some of your awesome bread? A rice dish also comes to mind ... like a chunky pilaf of chicken and peas or whatever else is around.
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