A question about a recipe: Hot Tub Chicken -- Actually it's about the Meyer lemon oil. How do you make it?

Okay, I've got the chicken now and have put this near the top of the queue and just realized that the recipe actually calls for Meyer lemon oil . . . (shows how fast I raced through the headnote the first time through). I assume I can make some, but how?

Hot Tub Chicken
Recipe question for: Hot Tub Chicken


AntoniaJames February 21, 2011
I soaked the oil for two days, due to a last minute change of plans which affected my weekend menus. Once in the jar, and before I put the oil in, I muddled the peel, using the end of a dessert spoon, to release as much of the oil from the peel as possible. It worked really well!! Now, does anyone know how long this oil keeps? I have some left over, as I decided that a full half cup was not necessary, so I only used about 1/4 cup. Thanks!
Stockout February 20, 2011
If you have time, take about a quarter cup of a light olive oil and soak strips of Meyer lemon rind in it. The flavor should infuse overnight. Meyer olive oil is cold pressed with the olives, so heating the oil, even gently, changes the molecular structure of anything. Cold is better.
RobertaJ February 19, 2011
Simmering it gently with the peel as well should extract the oils., mcuh as you would do for garlic oil.
Amanda H. February 18, 2011
I would use a vegetable peeler to cut the zest from the lemons, put them in a nonreactive bowl, cover the zest with olive oil and let it sit, covered, for a day. A quicker method would be to zest the lemon with a grater and add this to oil. Should scent the oil in just a few hours, but then you'll need to strain out the grated zest.
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