I have a huge amount of poblano peppers in my garden. In the past I have hung them in the pantry to dry so I can have anchos for red sauce. Does anyone know of a, or have a suggestion for, a better way of doing this?



healthierkitchen September 19, 2010
Just came across a recipe I'd clipped and stuck on my pile for like those mentioned above - roasted and then packed in oil. It's from Aug. 2010 Food and Wine:

pierino September 19, 2010
Stuffed with cheese, dipped in batter and fried and you have rillenjos. Roasted and peeled they are versatile in many dishes because they're fairly mild and far more interesting than insipid supermarket bell peppers. Omelets, tuna salad...
maryvelasquez September 18, 2010
If you blacken them on the grill, remove the charred skins and seeds and slice them up, you can freeze them in batches. These "rajas" have many uses. I put them in soups, stews, or make salsas with them. You can use them in chiliquiles, enchiladas or quesadillas. They lend a nice smoky flavor, too and that summery, peppery flavor that you don't get from dried.
MyCommunalTable September 18, 2010
When I was in Mexico City I saw them canned in oil with garlic, thinly sliced onions. They actually had their skin on, but thinly sliced. I did it at home. Simple and good. I think the skin kept them in tack while boiling the jars. I didn't mind the skin, but I am sure some would. I used them in eggs, fish, sauces,and meat for a quick prep meal. Love your idea, though. I love the visual of hanging peppers.
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