whats an alternative for thyme

a Whole Foods Market Customer


Jean |. February 26, 2011
I'm not a huge fan of thyme for most applications, so often use marjoram where thyme is called for.
innoabrd February 26, 2011
Depends on the use, but oregano or marjoram are probably the closest.
susan G. February 25, 2011
Another blend with thyme is Italian Seasoning -- but maybe you don't like the taste of thyme?
TiggyBee February 25, 2011
I used basil in a pinch once and it turned out beautifully.
Greenstuff February 25, 2011
Or maybe savory? Or an herbes de Provence mix. But I don't get it--you're at Whole Foods, and they don't have thyme?
mrslarkin February 25, 2011
Really depends on what you are using it in. But most likely, rosemary or oregano.
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