I would like to do this with a whole chicken tonight but I was wondering if I would need to make any alterations with the toppings? I wanted to do...

... a slow roast at 325-350 for about 2.5 hours give or take... but, since this idea is about an hour over than the listed cooking time, should I wait to put the toppings in until the hour and a half point

Zoei Alley


varianishungry March 4, 2024
I know this is a late comment but just incase someone would like to attempt, I thought I’d share my process.

I prepared the chicken in a spatchcock fashion and placed it over the vegetables. I did add in leeks and collard greens in place of beans/potatoes with a generous glug of red wine and a small amount of jarred stewed tomatoes. It was delightful
varianishungry March 4, 2024
Here’s a photo
Lindsay-Jean H. July 28, 2017
I'm sorry you didn't get an answer to this in time Zoei, how did yours turn out?
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