FYI from Food52: We wanted to apologize if you happened to get strange emails last night, either from the Hotline or from a name you didn't recognize.

We had a brief (but prolific!) encounter with a spammer, and while our team was quickly able to fix the issue, we recognize that it still inconvenienced a number of you— we've very sorry if we flooded your inbox.

We're working hard to put some new systems in place to keep our community free from any funny business. Between that and the fact that our product team is pretty quick on the draw, we're pretty confident this won't happen again, but should you ever see something strange on the site, you can always let us know at [email protected]

Lindsay-Jean Hard
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1 Comment

BerryBaby July 28, 2017
Thank you! I saw the email notice but I won't open anything if I don't recognize the name OR if the subject line doesn't sound right, misspelled words, makes no sense.
And, most importantly, if my little voice tells me not to! That voice is always right!
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