Gf made food with chicken broth that's been opened (but with closed lid) and sitting in the cupboard. Worried about getting sick.. please help

She cooked it and intentionally hid the fact that it's been opened. And told me afterward so I wouldn't freak out.. like what... anyway I'm kinda scared I'm gonna get messed up from this. Can anyone help. It didn't really smell or taste to weird.

Trevor Phillips


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alygator July 29, 2017
Does she remember using it and sticking it back in the cupboard? I will say that the new cartons of chicken broth have a newer style of safety seal that you just turn and click open. There is no little piece of foil you peel back like the old days. It took a few cartons for me to understand that I wasn't actually getting a carton that had been previously opened. Maybe the same happened for your GF? In any event, she should NOT have used it if she wasn't certain and she absolutely should have told you. That would be a deal breaker for me.
Trevor P. July 29, 2017
You know that could have been it! Thank you so much for the reply!
Maedl July 29, 2017
If you're not feeling sick, you'll probably be all right--but if you begin to feel queasy later on, I'd get to some sort of health care center. Seriously, using something that has been improperly stored is simply not bright. But even more concerning is that this woman knew you would object and tried to deceive you. That is not the basis for a good relationship. Ever.
Maedl July 29, 2017
How long had it been opened? It probably had a high salt content, which might retard spoilage, but I certainly wouldn't want to use it or eat it. Get another girl friend!
Trevor P. July 29, 2017
It was opened apparently when she bought it at the store a week ago god.
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