Pork loin ruined

I recently cooked a pork loin in the oven, slow cooked it for about 2 1/2 hours on 350. It was seasoned with adobo seasoning and a little red pepper and that's all. When I opened the oven to check it it smelled perfect. I broke a piece off with a fork to check the tenderness and moisture to make sure it wasn't over or under COOKED. I needed them to be just the right tenderness to turn into pork tacos. I didn't want it mushy and fork shred able,I needed it tender enough to break down but still be firm enough to give them a toss in hot oil after they cooled,like the Mexican restaurants do. Anyway I turned the oven off, and in came my 2 yr old with diaper in had asking for the potty, so I put the lid back on my Dutch oven and shut the oven door. Took the baby potty to come out to the dog turning over the trash can frantically trying to get the pork trimmings and tray it was packaged in, the phone rang and trying to re diaper baby, chase the dog and get the phone,I forgot about the pork still being in the oven. When I remembered 20 min later I ran and pulled it out of the oven, no harm right? I opened the oven and noticed it shrank in size, it cooked while still in the leftover heat but Oven was off,so I'm good I thought. I tasted it and it was still good in taste just more tender than I needed. It's on the verge of mushy when sliced. I noticed the drippings smelled a little done,not burnt or scorched but done and they were a little dark. Normally I like to render the drippings down add butter and exist the meat but there really weren't any liquid drippings,mainly just a thick glaze at the bottom. So I put the Dutch on the stove. Add some butter and a little broth and get them scrapped up. I do this a lot with meat drippings. It's delicious. I put in the pork after ignoring my initial feeling that it smelled a little weird. Anyway. I completely ruined it. It wasn't Scott he'd but it left the meat with this strange almost sour(like acidic sour,not rotten) and maybe slight bitter taste. So after this long question and every detail I could think of, please tell me what happened to my pork loin?

Yvonne Chéri Lawson


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