recipe with scarlet runner beans

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Nora February 26, 2011
I know Scarlet Runners as a dried bean--a really, really good one! I didn't know or hadn't thought about eating the pods. I do like that little gizmo, inno. My dad was a wonderful gardener and grew different kinds of beans. I wonder if I ate them and didn't know it. Any gardeners in NC grow these?
innoabrd February 26, 2011
I love runner beans and think of them as being very English, since it was when we lived in London that I first encountered them. Generally, you slice them very thinly before cooking. There is, in fact, a special tool for slicing runner beans ( I don't have one and instead slice them thinly on the bias. Here's the basics of how I prepare them:
Greenstuff February 26, 2011
Scarlet runner beans! They are easy to grow and have nice flowers--so nice that when I was in college we grew them in the stairway, from floor to floor. Thomas Jefferson grew them too! Most people's general advice is to treat them like any fresh or dried shell bean. But are you looking at using the whole pod?
TiggyBee February 25, 2011
This is a kind of Lima bean? I'm guessing here..
Sam1148 February 25, 2011
Soaked boiled, cooked and cooled.

Mix with olive oil, lemon juice, parsley, oregano, salt and pepper. For a simple dressing.
Add in some diced red onion (optional) and cubes of feta cheese before serving.
It's better the next day after it's marinated.
Peter February 25, 2011
10,000 recipes on Food52 and can you believe there's only *1* with runner beans? It sounds yummy though and it comes from KitchenButterfly, one of the most prolific contributors on Food52. Take a look:
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