Food storage containers?

I just moved to Houston, where roaches are a thing (eek!). I was hoping someone could point be toward an online source for large amounts of plastic storage containers? I have my own little collection but was hoping to find maybe a source for restaurants that would be cheaper with a variety of sizes. Thanks!

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rldougherty August 7, 2017
I use big jars from the Container Store for my dry goods. I think the deli containers that restaurants and delis use are pretty great too. You usually have to buy those in bulk, and also need a place to store. You can get them at Costco and I think they are worth it because they are also great in the freezer.
Windischgirl August 5, 2017
'Fido' is an Italian company that makes glass jars of all sizes with rubber gasket seals; I have some Large enough for 5 lb. of flour. I found mine at a kitchen outlet store here in PA, but I've also seen them at Marshall's/Home Goods and World Market; betting Bed Bath and Beyond would have them too. Very reasonably priced, sturdy, and the gaskets are easy to replace.
I was plagued by meal moths until I went to the glass jars. I love them.

If you prefer plastic, IKEA sells plastic container sets which are reasonably priced. I think they too have glass jar storage but I don't like the pull-off lids.
pierino August 5, 2017
Restaurant supply stores are a good source for airtight containers. Typically they will be marked on the outside with measure levels. They can be used to check if your dough has risen sufficiently for yeast breads etc.
Michele August 5, 2017
I will second mason jars. I have amassed a sizable collection - quite a few from Goodwill - that I use for just about everything (including the freezer) except bulk flours. Love them. Sustainable, durable and no worries vver BPA, etc.
BerryBaby August 5, 2017
I use Mason jars for leftovers but for sugar, flour, etc. I use much larger containers. I love the containers with the click over tabs. Nothing can get in them!
foofaraw August 5, 2017
Talenti containers? I also like mason jar because they are water and air tight, and has different sizes.
caninechef August 7, 2017
I have friends with a serious Talenti habit and she supplies me with these. They are great though I only have the pint size so not good for staple storage of most kinds.
inpatskitchen August 4, 2017
We have a store here called "The Container Store"...containers galore! I believe there is one in the Houston area. Here's their website:
BerryBaby August 4, 2017
We do too, beautiful store. Went there to buy containers but they didn't have them big enough.
They should find a lot of choices online.
BerryBaby August 4, 2017
Box stores like Costco sometimes have huge sets of containers.
Nancy August 4, 2017
Agree...Amazon will be good for window shopping and may have what you need.
Also, a quick Google search shows small handful of restaurant supply stores in Houston with ratings by customers, hours, locations...don't exclude that from your search.
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