what types of plastic bags are food safe and big enough for turkey brining?

I used the ziploc big storage bag...very heavy duty, great seal. Checked to make sure it was food safe this year (I've used them for several years and never checked before to make sure it WAS food safe--just assumed it was )...wondering what other brands/types are out there.



CoffeeAndBaconYum November 24, 2015
Suzanne, thanks for the link to food safe plastic bags! I've used a clean, 13-gallon plastic kitchen garbage bag before. There weren't any issues with the plastic affecting the flavor of the food, but I was worried about what might be leaching into the food.

I've also brined a turkey in a big stock pot, but the turkey + the brine + the heavy pot was super heavy for me. We've used the Ziploc XL Big Bags for storage of large items in the past so I know they'll be strong enough and large enough for brining a 20# turkey in. Since it's food grade plastic, I'll feel a lot better about using it instead of a clean garbage bag. Thanks!
creamtea November 27, 2011
I used the turkey roasting bags for my dry brined turkey (15 lb.). I twisted the end real well, fastened the plastic fastener after pressing out the air, and put a twist-tie a couple inches beyond that to ensure no leakage; also taped the whole twisted end flat back on itself with thick packaging tape, but that was probably overkill.
drbabs November 27, 2011
Lori, there was a thread about this right before Thanksgiving. I did the dry brine on my 18 pound turkey (worked great, btw), and I used a clean "kitchen bag." There was some concern that it might not be food-safe, so I ran out in a rain storm in the middle of the night and bought 2.5 gallon ziploc bags which my turkey did not fit into. So I held my breath and kept the turkey in the kitchen bag. We're all still alive so I guess it was OK.
bigpan November 27, 2011
I've preferred to buy a clean plastic bucket (5 or 10 bucks ... It's worth it). Weigh the bird down to ensure the brine covers it. You will end up witha tasty bird, and a new storage container !
sdebrango November 27, 2011
Here is a link with some very useful info about food safe plastic bags, has brands and sizes listed, hope this helps.
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