Is there a way to tag recipes we post? Also (sorry if it's obvious) but how would I find my recipes...i.e. if I search recipes for 'fig galette' for my latest post, my recipe does not appear. Thanks!

Sharon Brenner


AntoniaJames August 4, 2017
Another workaround that many users may not know is to type the recipe creator's user name, exactly, as a search term in the recipe search function. That way -- unless your user name is an ingredient, name of a dish or dessert, recipe category, holiday, food category, etc. -- only your recipes come up! ;o)
Lindsay-Jean H. August 4, 2017
Hi recordsintheden, you can find your recipes by going to your profile (in the top right-hand corner of the page and choosing Favorites & Collections, once you're there you'll see Recipes: https://food52.com/users/1069854-recordsintheden/recipes. And the search option works too, I just searched for fig galette (make sure to select recipes) and it came right up.
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