Died figs and weighing - in the process of making a Food52 recipe for fig newtons.

In the process of making a Food52 recipe for fig newtons and the recipe calls for 1 pound of dried figs. Should I weigh the figs before cutting off the tough stem or after? Thanks

Gloria Britton


Lori T. December 15, 2020
You know, the amount of weight difference between figs with stems and those without isn't likely to be that big- or make an impact on the recipe. If you wanted to get technical about it, you would weigh the figs before snipping the stems- because that is what it calls for. When a recipe means for you to process first and then weigh, it would call for using 1 pound of stemmed, chopped figs. But as I said, it's just not going to make that much difference to be worth worrying about. So do whichever is easiest for you.
Gloria B. December 15, 2020
Thank you Lori, much appreciated!
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