meatloaf did not bind

so i decided to break it apart and fry it and add plain white rice and make meat/rice patties. I also added 1 lb turkey sausage and 1 lb of fresh greens. now i have a soggy mess. haven't added the rice yet but wondering if it will help.
helpless helen

  • Posted by: helen
  • August 14, 2017


Windischgirl August 14, 2017
Oh dear. I think we've all had 'recipes behaving badly.'

Did you cook down the greens?
Did you cook the meatloaf chunks already?
If cooked already, make what we call "spaghetti and meat lumps" which is pasta with a red sauce and the meat lumps added it, like a lazy meat sauce. Top with Parmesan and a sprinkle of herbs like Basil, oregano, and/or Rosemary.

If the meat is still raw, add an egg and some bread crumbs or raw oats to hold it together and try again.
If you want to add the rice instead, stuff the mixture into peppers, tomatoes, or squash ( summer or winter) and bake until done.
helen August 15, 2017
Thank you Windischgirl. It all came out in the wash/okay:o)
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