Posted mistakenly as a comment but, since the posted recipe is 4 years old, asking here with thanks. Curious how much (and what type: raw minced?...

... powdered?) garlic is recommended? It's mentioned in the recipe but not on the ingredient list. Thank you

Perfect Summer Pasta Salad
Recipe question for: Perfect Summer Pasta Salad


702551 August 22, 2017
Per the author's recipe headnote, this dish is supposed to capture fresh flavors, so my guess is that freshly minced garlic is preferred over some dried/powdered product.

While I'm sure I'm in the minority here, my preference is to go quite light on garlic. I'd probably mince a small garlic clove (or maybe half of a really large one) and add it to the dish and taste. I might add a bit more, but I might think it's enough.

It's really about balancing the flavors based on your personal palate. Recipes like these are rather flexible that way.

Admittedly, I'm not one to follow recipes by rote, I'd just improvise based on solid knowledge about how I like things without measuring quantities for a dish like this.

Anyhow, hope it works out for you.
fosterOR August 22, 2017
Thanks so much for taking the time to respond. I agree on the likelihood of fresh being a better option than dried. And, definitely good advice on adding to taste. Was just hoping to get perspective from the recipe author or someone who has made this. I'm kind of with you on some recipes (especially dishes like this) being fun to innovate without recipes. Just also like to learn from those who develop the recipe or have much experience with it. Thanks again though; really appreciate your response and good wishes!
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