soggy puff pastry crust

What dry ingredient can I use as a barrier between savory tomato pie filing and crust to avoid a soggy bottom? Thanks so much!

lisa goldberg


lisa G. September 15, 2017
Update: Upside down savory tomato pie-AMAZING. Then I got motivated and made a pecan toffee pie and a cherry lime pie and I used crushed shortbread fingers to separate the crust/filling-DELICIOUS, buttery crispy bottom. Will be doing this in the future. Goodbye, soggy bottom pie...
Nancy September 15, 2017
Lisa Goldberg - so glad this worked for you! Nancy
Stephanie G. September 14, 2017
I wonder if you could use an egg white and blind bake or maybe crushed crackers? I'm really just wondering out loud...I've never tried it.
Nancy September 14, 2017
No ingredient but air...reverse the dish. Put the savory tomato pie filling in to individual oven-proof dishes (cocotte, porcelain souffle dish etc) and top with a round of puff pastry. Then, bake. Like soup with a puff pastry cap.
To eat, your spoon cuts through the warm crisp pastry & adds a bit of the filling.
See this soup recipe for technique:
lisa G. September 14, 2017
This is a great idea-going to try it and let you know :)
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