I just made a bundt cake, baked it just a little more than noted and toothpick came out clean. When I sliced it, it was still undercooked in center. I don't want the outside to get overcooked/tough.
How do I bake it all the way?
I was thinking either convection (how domimadjust temp and time) or low broil little while at the end. Any suggestions?
Thank you!

  • Posted by: Tysiepup
  • September 17, 2017


Dona September 18, 2017
What temperature are you cooking your cake? My pound cake recipe calls for putting the cake in a cold oven then turning to 350F. It's an old recipe from the 60's but it's a family favorite.
BakerRB September 18, 2017
I turn the heat down a little and lay a piece of aluminum foil on top when I need extra baking time. I agree that broiling seems likely to burn the top, and I think convection tends to the opposite effect you want - sets the outside even faster.
Rachelwrites September 17, 2017
I'm not an expert by any means but I feel like broiling it would end up burnign the outside. Can you cover it in foil and finish cooking?
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