Best Inexpensive Manhattan Korea-town eatery?

I'm meeting a friend next week - just for the day - she will be in NYC from Dallas, and she requested good, inexpensive, Asian food. We are probably going to uptown museums so I thought we could meet her dining criteria in what I think of fondly as Korea-town because it is close to Penn Station, where I will be arriving and departing. I welcome all recommendations and specific dishes to order if you can, thanks!



Sadassa_Ulna February 27, 2011
Thanks for all the great suggestions and links! I heart the Magic Pickle!
pierino February 26, 2011
Best in that area, hands down is Cho Dang Gol on 35th near Broadway. Two **'s in the New York Times. When I was there in December I ordered a kimchi pork stew from the lunch menu which turned out to be a big sizzling bucket. But it was preceded by 7 smaller plates. And that was for $11.95 in Midtown near Macy's!
Victoria R. February 26, 2011
I agree with Kristen, Mandoo Bar is delicious! They make a delicious Japchae (sweet potato noodles with pork). All of their dumplings are good, especially if they are pan-fried!
Peter February 26, 2011
I don't know your definition of "inexpensive" but when it comes to the places in Koreatown on 32nd Street, I think the best bet is New Wonjo. Make sure to sit upstairs where you get to BBQ over live coals they bring to the table in a bucket (no lame gas burners for you!)
Kristen M. February 26, 2011
Woorijip is fun but super casual -- sort of a bodega plus buffet: Mandoo Bar is sit-down, a bit nicer, and it's fun to watch the dumplings being made in the window:

I'm excited to get more recommendations too!
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