HELP! Merengue turns to soup after adding butter!

I'm making this and followed the instructions to the letter. As soon as I add butter to the completely cooled filling mix, it turns to a soupy mess.

Kellye Taylor Smith


Prathima September 20, 2017
Might the butter have been too cool? That has happened to me before with SMBC. The butter was too cool so the whole thing deflated to look like soup with little butter flakes. When that happens, warming the bowl slightly with a hot towel, or on a double boiler, until the edges look melt-y and then re-whipping the daylights out of it has worked.
Kellye T. September 20, 2017
Well I tried it with really cold butter and slightly cooler than room temp. Same result.
Prathima September 20, 2017
Kellye, if you were using cold or cool butter, it sounds to me like that was the problem. You most likely needed your butter to be truly room temperature.
BerryBaby September 19, 2017
6 sticks of butter seems like way too much. Is that a miss print?
Erin J. September 19, 2017
Hi Kellye! It is actually normal for the meringue to deflate - even look soupy when you first add the butter. The key is to keep whipping it - it might even look broken at one point, but it will come back together with more and more whipping. First of all - are you adding the butter gradually? Adding it only about 1-2 tablespoons at a time can help to lessen the deflating so much so quickly. And of course, it's likely to turn soupy if the butter melts when it hits the meringue - make sure the mixing bowl feels cool to the touch, not just the meringue base, which is aerated and can be difficult to tell if it's fully cool!
Kellye T. September 19, 2017
Thank you! I whipped that thing for 15 minutes and it only got soupier. The bowl, the merengue, the entire thing was definitely sufficiently cooled and still. I ended up dumping it. 😥 The merengue was perfect up till that point.
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