Using overcooked caramel. I do t want to waste it!

I overcooked caramel to where it is too firm (not burnt) but cracks at room temperature when I try to cut it. If you have any ideas to soften it or to use it, please share! It was a big batch and I would hate to waste all that cream and sugar!



Miss_Karen April 20, 2023
Break it into pieces, then grind it up in a food processor so you get small chunks (not powder) Then, you can stir some into muffins, cookies, briwnies or into yogurt or over icecream. You can also use it as a mask on cakes & tortes. (This means using it around the edges.)
HalfPint April 21, 2023
I would also use the caramel "dust" for flans and creme brûlée:

Sprinkle dust on top of the creme brûlée and melt it with a torch or under the broiler. It will harden as it cools or that wonderful crack.

Another suggestion for the caramel dust:
There's a scene from the movie Chef where he makes a caramel dust and sprinkles it on top of fresh fruit and whipped cream. It looks and tastes so divine :)
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