What are some good chicken in marinade recipes I can freeze for postpartum?

I'm in my last month of pregnancy! Besides stocking the freezer with zucchini and banana bread, plum tortes and chicken broth, looking for a few recipes I can prep uncooked, store in the freezer, defrost and roast, like chicken thighs in a marinade. Anything that has worked well for you?

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sexyLAMBCHOPx October 4, 2017
HI, I came cross this article And remembered your question. Here it is and hope it offers some suitable suggestions: http://www.thekitchn.com/5-freezer-marinades-for-chicken-or-pork-248412
Mimi September 25, 2017
Meatloaf freezes well and is delicious! My family eats one with turkey and beef. You could also make a big batch of your favorite chili recipe and freeze single/double servings in plastic bags. We like to eat teriyaki chicken thighs as well. :)
MMH September 24, 2017
The NY Times posted an article about just this 9/22 so you might want check it out. Our hands down favorite for chicken is simply olive oil, garlic, salt, pepper, lemon zest & juice with whatever favorite seasonal or available herb. Sorry no measurements but I make it like a vinegrette. My favorites are rosemary, basil and thyme. I did this post partum. My daughter is now almost 17 and still loves it. When you have more time, my favorite is a butterflied /spatchcocked whole chicken with this same herb paste under the skin. Best wishes!!!
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