I freeze my bananas when they get too ripe and use them for smoothies. Does anyone know if I defrosted some would that work for banana bread?

  • Posted by: DLP
  • July 11, 2017


Niknud July 11, 2017
I would be so bold as to argue that defrosted bananas make the best banana bread. They are far 'smooshier' after defrosting than even the ripest, brownest banana hanging out on your counter is. I just throw them in the freezer until I have four or so and then, boom, banana bread!
Thomas C. July 11, 2017
I work in a bakery, make about 40 loaves at a time every two weeks or so, and almost always use frozen bananas. We peel them and freeze them in buckets, thaw them as needed, takes about three days to become completely ice free, and then use as fresh bananas. Banana "juice" is a byproduct of the thawing process, and we just throw it in with the solids. Our thoughts are that it was in the original, so its going into the bread also. Frozen/thawed bananas yield a slightly darker finished product. Using frozen bananas eases the supply problem. We save up enough leftover bananas, letting them get plenty spotty before we peel and freeze them, and then freeze them in 16 # portions, the amount that makes one recipe of banana bread. We freeze the loaves afterward, too.
Ben M. July 11, 2017
I keep the liquid from the thawed bananas and use it in my banana bread. I think it provides a better flavor.
Dina July 12, 2017
The cooks illustrated recipe for "Ultimate banana bread" actually has you microwave fresh bananas to get the liquid, then reduce it down before reincorporating with the banana flesh. I see no reason why you couldn't start with the defrosted bananas and take the liquid to do the same thing.
ktr July 11, 2017
Yes. I've had some that turned to soup when defrosted (I'll admit I usually just toss them in the microwave to defrost them and that may be the issue) and they still worked for banana bread.
Stephanie B. July 11, 2017
Yes! I always use frozen (and then thawed) bananas for banana bread.

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navahfrost July 11, 2017
Yes, I do it all the time. When they thaw, depending on how you wrapped them, there might be some liquid as the ice crystals dissolve. I just pat them dry with paper towels and have never had a problem.
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