Hotline user interface - another problem

Editors and tech staff - This is not the weeks or months-old home-page problem described by Lost in NYC. Rather, a new one from March 5, 2019.
Questions posed on Hotline are show 0 answers, both in overview and when one clicks on the question.
Then, after answering and posting, one or more other older answers shows.
Sometimes overlap or identical advice. It looks disrespectful to earlier posters, but isn't meant to be.

  • Posted by: Nancy
  • March 6, 2019


Smaug March 6, 2019
Also the "views" numbers are preposterously low; presumably this whole feature is under reconstruction.
Nancy March 6, 2019
Another part of the problem.
I have posted answers in the past 24 hours (e.g., to question on Claudia Rosen circassian chicken) only to find them not appearing.
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