Convert beef recipe to chicken

My wife doesn't eat red meat, so I am considering using chicken in a recipe written for beef. Any thoughts, tips, or tricks?


PS the specific recipe I'm considering as my first experiment is here: Specific tips on this one are welcome too!



Liz D. October 10, 2017
I'd just use boneless chicken thighs in place of the beef, and I don't think I'd cook it that long, maybe only an hour, until chicken & squash are tender.
Brooklynite October 12, 2017
Would you still cube? I'm trying to cut the thighs into 3/4" cubes and realizing they just don't have the same mass and density that I imagine need shoulder having.
Liz D. October 12, 2017
I'd just cut into as even and large pieces as possible, and again, I wouldn't cook as long, just until chicken & squash are tender. It won't be the same as using beef, but I think it would still be a tasty dish
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