Any substitute for pomegranate molasses? Sure this won't be available in Alaska (but we have lots of beets and raspberries!) Perhaps pomegranate...

...juice+regular molasses?

Barbara Berg
Raspberry and Beet Chèvre
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Sarah O. October 24, 2017
Hi Barbara! If you decide not to buy online you can try a few substitutes. The pomegranate molasses provides both a pop of acidity and rich sweetness. Molasses might overpower the raspberries but maple syrup or fireweed honey (if it's plentiful where you live in Alaska) would add some complexity. Either way, a generous squeeze of lemon will help.
HalfPint October 19, 2017
You can try substituting with cranberry juice concentrate.

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Nancy October 19, 2017
Not molasses...too strong a taste.
If you can't buy (local or mail order), mix some red acidic fruit juice (pomegranate, cranberry or raspberry) with a small amount of viscous sweetener (maple syrup, bland honey, golden or corn syrup).
Please tell us later what you used and how well it worked.

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MMH October 19, 2017
Amazon has it.
MMH October 19, 2017
It is the brand I buy in the Middle Eastern Market where I live.
MMH October 19, 2017
Cortas brand
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