mayonnaise tastes oily - how can I fix this?

Made Mayo with an immersion blender in a jar - used a classic 1 egg, 1 cup oil, 1 tbsp lemon juice, 1 tsp mustard ratio. Even after several rounds of blending the taste is distinctly oily - should I add more lemon/salt/mustard?



irina October 24, 2017
I agree with all the above. And next time, check for taste as you drizzle in the oil.
I would also add a dash of Tabasco.
Good luck!
pierino October 24, 2017
Try beating in another egg yolk.
Droplet October 24, 2017
You could substitute vinegar for the lemon. The acetic acid is stronger and rounds up the fatty taste more effectively. 1 1/2 - 2 tsps. Also, you could easily reduce the oil to 3/4 cups.
Nancy October 24, 2017
Agree with Droplet.
Have successfully made mayo with less than 1c oil: start checking at 3/4c, and only add more oil as taste & texture demand.
Meanwhile, for this batch, in addition to the vinegar, serve it with more sour things - citrus, pickles etc - and when using it in a prepared dish, don't add more fat (butter, meat drippings, etc) to avoid emphasizing the oily part of the sauce.
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