Forgot to cream sugar and butter and soaked sugar with fruit

Added sugar to fruit mixture to pre-soak instead of creaming with butter when making my Xmas cake, how do I add my butter now?

Heather Parry


Heather P. October 30, 2017
Interesting! I might try that. Pre soaking overnight so decision time in the morning!
creamtea October 30, 2017
I would divide the fruit mixture and use it make two cakes. I would start over, creaming the required amounts of butter and sugar because that is part of the process of aerating the batter. I would add half of the fruit mixture to the new batter for each cake per the recipe. (Taste first, if it is too sweet, maybe you can add additional fruit to cut the sweetness).
BerryBaby October 30, 2017
Cream the butter and then fold in fruit.
Heather P. October 30, 2017
Thanks for that advice. My initial thought was to chuck all the fruit and sugar out but a bit expensive when doing an Xmas cake!
Nancy October 30, 2017
From a home baker...the fruit is almost all sugar, especially since it's dried.
I would cream the butter with the soaked sugared fruit, then proceed with the cake. (This might give you mashed fruit; on the other hand it restores your sugar and, I hope, the desired texture.)
Looking forward to what the professional bakers say.
Heather P. October 30, 2017
Thanks Nancy.
Have been making my Christmas cake for over 20 years so I don't know what got into me this morning!
I will cream the butter with a few ounces of the fruit mixture so I don't get all my fruit smashed up.
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