Should you skin almonds to make almond meal?

Hi all. I'm making almond meal for David Lebovitz's financiers. I found a video of Merrill making almond meal/butter but her almonds aren't peeled, which I thought they should be but would be very happy not having to do. Can anyone share some insight please? Thanks!

  • Posted by: GourMel
  • November 4, 2017


sexyLAMBCHOPx November 4, 2017
My Vitamix blender does the job. If you have a good blender you don't need to peel without sacrificing taste.
Stephanie B. November 4, 2017
The unblanched (skins on) almond meal will change the color of the cake. I don't know if there's differences in texture though, I've only ever bought blanched almond meal. But I'd say if you've found recipes that use both, color is probably the biggest difference. Was the almond meal in the Merrill video used for financiers or similar?
GourMel November 4, 2017
No she was ultimately making almond butter which could explain why she'd want the darker color. Thanks for the input.
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