Diced chuck beef ,cooked in espagnole sauce,

I have to cook a beef dish for my NVQ level 2 Chefs course.
I was thinking first to brown the cubed meat in a pan then make up a espagnole sauce & then cook the diced beef in a pan on the hob in the espagnole sauce. I have looked all over the internet but not seen any recipes for cooking the meat in the sauce. I would like to know if this would be a acceptable way of cooking the diced chuck steak.

  • Posted by: Paul
  • November 5, 2017


pierino November 5, 2017
Sauce Espagnole is just the fancy French word for brown sauce. It is a mother sauce so you can build on it as you like. Brown the meat first and add porcini mushrooms, herbs or whatever you like that pairs with beef.
Cav November 5, 2017
You're unlikely to find recipes where meet is cooked in an espagnole as the sauce is rarely used by itself, being strong in flavour, but rather as the base for other sauces. Most famous probably would be Bourguignonne and Chasseur.
pierino November 5, 2017
Sauce chasseur would be a good idea. It means hunter's sauce, in Italian cacciatore.
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