Thai restaurant dish Beef Macadamia sauce? Husb loves. Try as I might I can't find recipe. Think sauce is brown/garlic. Anybody know/have suggestions?

  • Posted by: mare
  • October 17, 2017


HalfPint October 17, 2017
I think the macadamia nut was a substitute for harder to find candlenuts. Anything else in the recipe besides the beef and nuts? Like basil, etc.
HalfPint October 17, 2017
I get Beef Rendang when I search for Thai Beef Candlenut recipe
mare October 17, 2017
1st of all, I *clearly* need to work on my user name. Love both of yours! The beef and cashew nuts does seem pretty close (i had been considering w/o the 5 spice or lemon grass) But i think i'll start with the beef/cashew w/o the kap manis, maybe modify with some of the ingreds from this:
If it fails I'll grovel at the Thai place. They did tell me how they cooked their tofu one time...
Thank you for your help and thoughts!
sexyLAMBCHOPx October 17, 2017
My local Thai takeout restaurant offers "Beef Macadamia"
Here's the description I lifted off their website:
Beef Macadamia
Marinated cubes of tender beef stir-fried with mushroom, macadamia nuts, red bell peppers, shredded fresh ginger, scallions and steamed fresh spinach.

Here's a recipe that came up after googling that may help your search:
mare October 17, 2017
Thank you!
creamtea October 17, 2017
Maybe one of these recipes for Thai beef with basil and cashew nuts is what you're looking for (just sub macadamia nuts for the cashews)
or this:
mare October 17, 2017
Thank you!
The W. November 20, 2017
Hey creamtea,
Thank you so much for the lovely recommendation of my recipe! Xx
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