What's a good substitute for pita crisps



Jean |. February 28, 2011
I *love* ak-mak! Armenian cracker bread. They are whole wheat crackers with sesame seeds, and I serve them with my hummus and baba ghanoush. Go to akmakbakeries.com (and, no, I am not connected with the company in any way, so this is not a shameless self-promoting plug!).
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Sam1148 February 27, 2011
lavash bread (available at middle eastern markets and some supermarkets). Cut and sprayed with olive oil and baked just a few mins.

Any more details on you need to sub them? Diet, don't have them on hand, taste, calories..etc.
Amanda H. February 27, 2011
You could try bagel chips (plain!) or a simple cracker like a Carr's water cracker, but I'd probably get a good baguette, slice it super thinly, and toast the slices on a baking sheet at 350 degrees.
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