I am making the homemade yogurt recipe you guys posted.....can I just put it in the oven and use the bread proof setting? It's 100 degrees f.

I have it in there now...if I should not, I will try the blanket option.

Lisa Manecke


Stacy I. November 14, 2017
yes, that definitely will work... I make yogurt biweekly and don't have that setting.. so I simply put the jars in a cooler filled with hot water.
Manisha A. November 13, 2017
Yes of course you can. But I'm in doubt about its taste. Because in India, we set yogurt without yogurt maker or bread proofing machine.
caninechef November 13, 2017
You might have a climate naturally more favorable to yogurt making. I have not made yogurt since my college days but I think there are many parts of the world where yogurt making requires some assistance in the temperature department.
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