Working on a recipe for cowboy coffee steak...I'm struggling to find the perfect balance between the brown sugar and coffee!

If I do 1/2 c brown sugar and 1/3 c coffee grounds, it's too sweet...when i reverse it, the coffee comes across too there another mystery ingredient I can add to help out? The rub is simply the sugar and coffee with some salt and pepper. I refuse to give up, because occasionally I'll get a perfect bite, and the mix is so so so good. Grrrrr...

Anna McCool


Anna M. March 17, 2011
Ah- thanks, that helps!!
prettyPeas March 17, 2011
Oops, I missed the salt and pepper in the original question, but what my too brief reply didn't indicate is that usually in rubs salt makes up a good percentage of the bulk. For example Alton Brown gave a general 8:3:1:1 ratio of sugar:salt:chili:other herbs/spices. Maybe trying 8:3:2 sugar:salt:coffee, or up the coffee component a bit but keep the sugar:salt ratio about even. I might try adding some chili pepper too--I have used small amounts of coffee in rubs and think it plays well of chili, especially smoky ones like chipotle, or mildish ones like aleppo.
Anna M. March 17, 2011
I already add salt.
prettyPeas March 17, 2011
Anna M. March 17, 2011
Yeah, I think the addition of other flavors might help too...thanks!
hardlikearmour March 17, 2011
Aliwaks' winning Coffee Rubbed Rib Eye uses a ratio of 3 parts ground coffee to 2 parts brown sugar like your reversed plan. Maybe you just need less of each?
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