Well Made Stock

What is the importance of a well made stock?

Mahfuzah Azman


Robert H. December 20, 2017
I am yet to find a commercially made stock that doesn't contain salt and this is one of the reasons I always make my own. Furthermore, I find the process of making your own stock to be very satisfying!
kim December 19, 2017
And, if you want a deeper flavor for your stock, roast the bones, chicken or turkey carcasses or vegetables before cooking them down into the broth. It creates a delicious, dark stock.
SonjaM November 14, 2017
Any recipe that calls for stock will be better if the stock is homemade. The flavor is richer and deeper. I find making stock to be well worth the minimal effort - if you are new to making stock have no fear it's very easy. :)
MMH November 14, 2017
I agree. If you taste the canned stuff side by side with homemade, you willl never buy the can again.
702551 November 14, 2017
Good flavor.

A well made stock can be enjoyed by itself, like a consommé or a Japanese dashi.

A stock that is that tasty makes for a great base for soups and sauces.

For further viewpoints, I suggest you go to the library and read some cookbooks. Many cookbook authors have waxed philosophically about the importance of a good stock.

There are too many opinions on this topic to summarize in a Q&A forum such as this.
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