how long will this keep in the fridge? Can it be made several days ahead?

Recipe question for: Charmoula


AntoniaJames November 20, 2017
Make it up to two days ahead but do not add acid (lemon juice or vinegar) until immediately before serving - as in 2 - 3 minutes before taking it out to the table. Not only will the charmoula taste brighter, but it's color will be more brilliant, as acids tend to cause green herbs / vegetables to turn brown within a short time. Check for salt before serving, too! ;o)
Nancy November 20, 2017
Yes...good idea to delay the addition of acid to keep the green of the herbs.
Susie S. November 20, 2017
Thanks Antonia and Nancy - knew that about the acid re effect on herbs but forgot!
Nancy November 19, 2017
I've made Moroccan chermoula from a couple other recipes which suggest a few days ok in fridge, with a little drop-off in fresh bright taste after first day.
Or freeze about 1 month or so.
Best freeze in ice cube trays or small plastic containers so you can defrost just the amount you want when the time comes.
Susie S. November 19, 2017
Thanks so much Nancy - very helpful! I think I will trade off a little loss of fresh bright taste for one less task to complete on the day!
Susie S. November 18, 2017
I’m interested in the answer to this question too as to how long the Charmoula will keep in the fridge. Plus, can I freeze it? Thanks for any answers!
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